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Muscle Freeze
         $6 ea

Room &Body


       $6 ea


Bath Body & Massage Oil

      $6 ea

The Bug Slayer Line

 Natural Bug Spray


Whipped Body Lotion

                   $6 ea

Bath Fizz

    $6 ea

Wax Melts

      $3 ea

Sniffy Jars~Pillow Sprays~Rub

 Treasured Distintictions was created for the soul purpose of pampering. I wanted to be able to produce products that make you feel like a confident, strong, beautiful person without the guilt of feeling you shouldn't spend that money on pampering. Everyone deserves to be pampered without having to pay high prices that only some can afford on a regular basis. Treasured Distinction products are made for you because you are so worth it! 

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