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Feet are one area that many people fail to pamper, but in reality, it's the part of our body that really deserves the most pampering.  Foot Creams should be used to help you solve your foot problems such as Cracked Heels, Cracked Skin, and Dry Skin.
Everybody should use foot creams but don’t, some people use Foot Creams for many different reasons.
Foot creams should be used regularly.

4 oz. Peppermint Heel & Foot Lotion


  • Our feet need the same skin care attention and treatment as much as other parts of our body that are usually exposed.
    Our feet are prone to foot diseases because they are commonly kept enclosed in our footwear which means they do not get the proper air circulation and they easily develop moisture. Some people are not aware of the real importance of skin care or how they should look after their feet which can cause the development of dry skin and cracked heels. Moisturizing your feet is very important and should be done daily after showering/bathing.
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